The innovative benefits of our “integrated devices” are mainly

  • They have been designed to include multiple switches able to switch over 16A @ 240V each.
  • Every switch is compliant 3 and 4 ways or double 2 ways.
  • The switch can also control the blinds.
  • They have been dimensionally optimized, to guarantee the same slot occupation of the mechanical systems, compliant eu box 503, 504 and so on.
  • They include inside all hardware for their operations and for the reuse the existing wiring in the house.

All this is possible thanks to our most advanced technology, that is based on the presence of the switch, made in a small and revolutionary package, whose dimensions allowed the creation of our “integrated devices” with the lowest power consumption on the market and based on the idea to guarantee the maximum safety.

Infact we have incorporated into every switch an incredible feature able to disconnect physically the internal electrical connections with the external wiring, so is now possible to disconnect automatically the entire wiring in the house in a fraction of time, for example to preserve all appliances.