The Hike company has been selected among the Italian startups that will participate in the next Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from 8th to 11th January 2019.

The disadvantages of bus systems are many

  • They have a high installation complexity since the installers must wire the whole house.
  • They also have a highly complex programming.
  • Consequently, these systems are not flexible for the installation and for any future extensions.
  • It is necessary to contact highly specialized staff.
  • High costs for the user.

The Hike Smart Home system is based on the idea to create a new smart home system composed by only “integrated devices”, to be fixed in the wall boxes, eliminating so all external comoponents like bus sistems, thus transforming the philosophy of the current systems from distributed to integrated.

The advantages of our system are manly

  • Products are 100% compatible with current wiring in the housing, therefore we reuse existing plants.
  • We don’t introduce a new wired bus system.
  • Our products are energy efficient because, being designed hardware and software together.
  • They have an average consumption of a lower order compared to devices on the market.
  • We introduce a new concept of security through a new function to disconnect the utilities (even individually).
  • Easy installation and future extensions.
  • High reduction of the all costs.